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San Martin Campus Partners with Walgreens Pharmacies to Deliver Prescriptions

When you aren’t feeling well, the last thing you want to do is stop at a pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. Patients discharged from the San Martin Campus at St. Rose no longer have to deal with this inconvenience because St. Rose and Walgreens have launched a program that brings prescriptions right to the patient – before they leave the hospital.

Patients simply call an in-house Walgreens technician who picks up their prescription, runs it to Walgreens and returns with the medication within an hour. When the technician delivers the patient’s medication, they call a Walgreens pharmacist while in the patient’s room, and the pharmacist talks with the patient, reviewing the medication, how it should be taken and what possible side effects could be.

“This program has taken off, and we hope it keeps gaining momentum as we continue to make the discharge process a more simple experience for our patients,” said Vicky VanMeetren, president/CEO of the St. Rose Dominican Hospitals-San Martín Campus. “Our patients have truly appreciated the convenience of not having to run to a store once they are discharged to pick up prescriptions. Another great benefit is that our hospital employees can also use the service.”

The Walgreens system at the San Martín Campus is interlinked with the entire Walgreens pharmacy system, so prescription refills are automatically entered and can later be picked up at the patient’s Walgreens home pharmacy.

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