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St. Rose Wins National Award for Mercury-Free Commitment

St. Rose Dominican Hospitals has just been recognized for our efforts to eliminate mercury from the products we use by Practice Greenhealth, an organization that focuses on helping hospitals increase efficiency and environmental stewardship while improving patient safety and care. St. Rose was presented with the 2013 “Making Medicine Mercury-Free” Award Thursday, April 25. The award acknowledges that proven policies have been put in place to rid the facility of the harmful chemical mercury, and to prevent it from re-entering its facilities.

The Practice Greenhealth Making Medicine Mercury-Free award recognizes facilities that have virtually eliminated mercury from their facilities and have demonstrated a commitment to continue to be mercury-free. Award criteria include mercury-free management and purchasing policies, and staff education.

“We can’t properly heal patients when there are pollutants and chemicals present in the health care setting,” said Laura Wenger, RN, Executive Director of Practice Greenhealth. “By winning the Making Medicine Mercury-Free Award, St. Rose Dominican Hospitals has eliminated one of the most hazardous – Mercury – and the health and environmental impacts that come with it.”

As evidenced in a recent Health Care Research Collaborative study, “Can Sustainable Hospitals Help Bend the Health Care Cost Curve?” introducing environmental sustainability measures in hospitals not only results in significant savings, it won’t increase operating costs. The implications are clear – given the return on investment, all hospitals should adopt and expand their sustainability programs.  

A variety of equipment and policy changes were made at St. Rose to convert to a mercury-free environment, including: 1) all vital-sign medical devices that contained mercury were replaced by the Philips/HP Monitors, GE Dinamap Monitors, Welch Allyn LXi, Datascope Spectrum and Draeger Infinity Delta  that do not rely on Mercury to obtain their readings; 2) a purchasing policy was created to eliminate the purchase of any product or devise that contains mercury; and 3) florescent lights are now recycled by an outside contractor to capture and properly dispose of any trace of mercury.

 “Part of our hospital system’s mission is providing safe and healthy work environments for our patients, staff and the communities we serve. Eliminating mercury in our surroundings is a commitment we’ve made to sustainability,” said Rod A. Davis, president/CEO of St. Rose Dominican Hospitals and senior vice president of operations, Dignity Health Nevada “We’re pleased that Practice Greenhealth has recognized us for our efforts.”

The Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards were presented in Boston, Massachusetts, at the CleanMed Conference & Exposition, a national environmental conference for leaders in health care sustainability. 

To further mark each hospital’s achievement, a full set of mercury-free thermometers and sphygmomanometers were donated to two hospitals in Guatemala in honor of the 2013 Environmental Excellence Awards winners. 

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Thank you … Sigma Alpha Epsilon!

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), a national fraternity organization that supports Children’s Miracle Network, recently hosted a leadership conference in Las Vegas. During the conference, Abigail Brown, the Children’s Miracle Network ambassador, and Jason Williams, our Children’s Miracle Network coordinator, both spoke to the group and led it in a fundraising campaign. 

So how’d it go? In just ONE weekend, the SAE fraternity raised over $3,304 for Children’s Miracle Network! Donations made to Children’s Miracle Network in southern Nevada help St. Rose Dominican Hospitals provide quality, compassionate care for children regardless of their family’s insurance status or ability to pay.

St. Rose would like to extend a great big thank you to SAE, Abigail and Jason for their impressive “speed fundraising” efforts!

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