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St. Rose Quality Care Network Launches with 600 Physicians

Physician Network Aims to Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Patient Care

The St. Rose Quality Care Network, LLC, a physician-driven and physician-led clinical integration organization, launched with 600 community physicians participating in the network.

St. Rose Quality Care Network (SRQCN) is a network of physicians who are united in a proactive, common-sense approach to health care reform and committed to improving quality of care and patient outcomes, as well as the efficiency and cost of the care provided. The SRQCN allows physicians to collectively negotiate with health plans while demonstrating their ability to achieve certain quality benchmarks.

This summer, 24 of the founding physicians and two hospital managers officially formed SRQCN by filing with the State of Nevada to become a limited liability company and establishing its Board of Managers. In addition, several members of the SRQCN’s leadership team traveled to Washington D.C. and presented SRQCN’s mission, quality program, operational capabilities and physician governance to the Federal Trade Commission. The success of this meeting marked the culmination of a year-long organizational process and a milestone that enables SRQCN to continue its development and start actively engaging insurance companies once its clinical integration technology system is implemented.

“The 600 physicians who joined the St. Rose Quality Care Network are a diverse group who share a common understanding that implementing programs to improve communication, reduce errors and use evidence-based practices will result in a higher level of quality in the medical care delivered to patients. Improving quality in medicine will result in a healthier population that is less likely to place additional demands on an already burdened system,” said Dr. Arthur Herpolsheimer, SRQCN Chairman of the Board.

SRQCN is a clinical integration organization, a collective network of independent physicians who commit to holding one another accountable for best practices in order to achieve quality and efficiency goals. SRQCN is not an accountable care organization (ACO). ACOs are usually associated with federal health care reform and, in particular, the Medicare Shared Savings Program.

“With much of the nation focused on health care reform, we, as providers, are certain that significant changes are ahead for every aspect of our health care delivery system,” said Rod Davis, president and CEO of St. Rose Dominican Hospitals and senior vice president of operations, Dignity Health Nevada. “The development of the physician-led St. Rose Quality Care Network is a major step toward building a clinical integration program that will drive improvements in quality and efficiency.”

SRQCN will combine hospital and physician office data to help physicians monitor and manage patient outcomes. Physicians will be able to access and track their own performance; analyze patient outcomes and aggregate data; accept multiple means of data submission; and apply custom data inputs, initiative guidelines and performance benchmarks. Among the goals of the physician-led network are reducing unnecessary and redundant tests and screenings, improving efficiency and controlling the cost of care. The program’s initiatives are designed to achieve improvement in health care quality and effectiveness.

“As health care is currently changing from fee-for-service to fee-for-quality, St. Rose Quality Care Network is our attempt to address this movement toward health care reform and assemble a structure that we can drive and influence rather than waiting for someone else to tell us how to change,” said Dr. Robert Gong, SRQCN Quality Committee Chairman. “This is a physician-driven and physician-led network that is united in its commitment to improving quality care and patient outcomes across the continuum of care.”

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