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Attention New Nursing Graduates!

St. Rose Dominican Hospitals invites recent nursing graduates to apply for our RN Residency Program, which begins October 22, 2012. This 12-week program is designed to help Graduate Nurses transition from students to professional nurses while enhancing their clinical competence. Participants in this program develop clinical proficiency through evidence-based practices and supervised clinical experience, with an emphasis on clinical application in the hospital setting. The program is designed around the goal of providing a nurturing, enriching environment where new RNs can safely, effectively care for patients independently. 

Interview Process & Timeline

  • August 1:  New graduates are invited to complete the online application .
  • August 7:  Last day to apply and submit all required documents online. 
  • August 9 – September 5: Managers will review applicants. Selected applicants will be contacted directly to take and successfully pass the Math and Behavior Assessments. Selected applicants will then be contacted directly to schedule an interview for September.  
  • September 6: Interviews will be held. 
  • September 6 – September 28: Offers will be made to the selected graduates. 
  • October 22: St. Rose Dominican Hospitals orientation begins. 
  • October 29: RN Residency Program begins. 

 Please go www.strosehospitals.com. to apply.

The position is listed under the Siena Campus although we may be placing New Grads at all three campuses.

If you have questions regarding your GPA or other concerns, please call 702-616-4618.

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