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Rose de Lima Campus Celebrates 65th Anniversary

Our Rose de Lima Campus is celebrating 65 years of providing quality, compassionate care to the community and to those in need TODAY.

In June 1947, seven Adrian Dominican Sisters traveled across the country by train from their motherhouse in southern Michigan to Henderson after their order purchased Basic Magnesium Hospital for $1 a year with a commitment to run it for 25 years. They immediately embraced the community and began fulfilling their mission of caring for those in need.

“Sixty-five years later, the commitment those seven sisters made to our community continues to serve as the foundation of what is now the St. Rose Dominican Hospitals system of three hospitals – Rose de Lima Campus, Siena Campus and San Martín Campus,” said Rod Davis, president and CEO of St. Rose Dominican Hospitals and senior vice president of operations, Dignity Health Nevada. “Their acts of faith, dedication and compassion live on through the services provided by St. Rose employees as well as the 12 sisters who still work within the hospital system.”

During Rose de Lima’s 65 years of providing healthcare services, generations of patients have been treated. The hospital has been recognized many times over the years for its excellence in care, most recently as a top performing hospital in the MIDAS+ National Comparative Database and excellence in the care of high-risk, high-volume and problem-prone clinical populations.

In honor of the hospital’s 65th anniversary, Bishop Joseph Pepe will perform a mass, employees are invited to have their hands blessed (as a sign of the care and healing they pass along to patients and to honor their mission as caregivers), and cake will be served to all employees.

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