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Rose Regatta 2011

December 10, 2011 Leave a comment

We had another fantastic Rose Regatta in 2011! Sixty-three dragon boat teams – each with 20 paddlers, a drummer and a steersperson – from Nevada, California, Colorado and Canada will compete to raise funds to benefit St. Rose Dominican Hospitals’ breast health services including medical care and psychosocial support for uninsured women and men facing breast cancer. Three of the dragon boat teams are comprised solely of breast cancer survivors. Thank you to all who supported us and Paddles Up to another great year!

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St. Rose Offers a Variety of Diabetes Services

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

St.Rose Dominican Hospitals’ Diabetes Education program has the prestigious American Diabetes Association (ADA) Certification of Recognition for diabetes self-management training, and its certified diabetes educators are providing diabetics education based on where they are both physically and in their understanding of managing their disease. 

In the Emergency Department

According to the American Diabetes Association, approximately one-third of diabetics don’t know they have this dangerous disease, and unfortunately, some don’t receive an initial diagnosis until they end up in a hospital emergency department. This fact keeps our St. Rose diabetes educators on their toes.

“Our aim is to provide quality diabetes education to patients whether they are in the ER, a patient room or visiting our outpatient clinic,” says Sherry Poinier, RD, certified diabetes educator. “If we are called to the ER, we begin the education process and encourage patients to get a referral from their doctor so they can continue education in the outpatient setting.”

In the Patient’s Hospital Room

If an emergency room patient is admitted to the hospital for additional care or treatment, diabetes educators routinely visit the patient’s room to ensure that they understand their nutritional plan, their medications and other aspects of their care. They also develop discharge plans that increase the odds the patient will take advantage of additional outpatient education that promotes diabetes self-management skills.

“Early diabetes education offered by physicians, nurses and diabetes educators is shown to make a measurable difference in a patient’s understanding of their disease and how active a role they play in managing their health,” says Sherry. “It also reduces the risk of re-hospitalization due to diabetes complications.”

At the St. Rose Outpatient Diabetes Clinic

St.Rose also has an outpatient diabetes clinic dedicated to offering diabetics who obtain a physician’s referral more in-depth education including individual consultation followed by up to eight hours of group education, access to a monthly support group, follow up evaluation and healthy cooking demonstrations. If further assistance is required, St. Rose offers clients additional, individualized nutrition therapy and diabetes education on an ongoing basis.

For more information on the St. Rose diabetes program, call 702-616-6545.

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St. Rose Employees Assist a “Hero at Home”

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Hard at work ...

Cleaning up the yard.

The St. Rose Rebuilding Together Team

Employees at St. Rose Dominican Hospitals take the “mission” of supporting our community very seriously. On Saturday, November 5, a large group of employee volunteers collaborated with Rebuilding Together on their newly-formed fall program called “Heroes at Home.” This program helps military veterans or their surviving spouses/families with rehabilitating their homes.

 St. Rose employees worked on the home of a wonderful 90-year-old retired military nurse (choosing this home was especially fitting considering the owner worked in health care). Her house needed painting and a great deal of clean up in the front and back yards.

The clean up effort was very successful, and so many volunteers pitched in that everything was done – not in one day – but before noon. The appreciative owner sent this very kind note to everyone who helped:

Dear Volunteers,
A belated note of thanks for the wonderful work on my home on Nov. 5.  The planning and coordination was flawless.  The volunteers worked so well together.  I will be forever grateful to those wonderful people.  I must note those young people that worked so diligently.  All of you are doing God’s work and my prayers are with you.  Many thanks to the sister and priest.  Thank you for you.
H. Sands

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