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Roseman University and St. Rose offer a Health Care MBA

Roseman University of Health Sciences has partnered with St. Rose Dominican Hospitals to offer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree aimed at building entrepreneurial skills among health care professionals and others interested in pursuing a career in the business of health care.

“The creation of a health care-focused MBA program is another important step in the Roseman University’s ongoing strategy to build on its core strength of transforming health care education,” said Dr. Okeleke Nzeogwu, MBA program director. “Since 2004, the MBA has been a tremendous value to our Doctor of Pharmacy students, and most recently to our orthodontic residents, who complement their clinical skills with critical business knowledge. With this partnership, now other health care professionals have the same opportunity.”

Professionals who may benefit include physicians, dentists, nurses, business managers of medical practice groups, executives in health care companies, professionals whose clientele includes health care companies and hospital managers and administrators. The curriculum is designed to help graduates make informed business and management decisions, recognize and manage new venture opportunities within organizations and perhaps launch their own businesses. It also prepares individuals for senior level management positions within health care organizations.

For St. Rose Dominican Hospitals President/CEO and Senior Vice President of Operations, CHW Nevada Rod Davis, the program makes sense. “The health care sector makes up more than 16 percent of all economic activity in the U.S. and is expected to grow more than 20 percent by 2020,” Davis said. “As the population ages and as more managers are needed to improve efficiency and ensure quality, while also controlling costs, health care employment will continue to grow at a rapid rate. Business and management education prepares people for the opportunities that come with this growth.”

Students enrolled in the program meet one evening a week and one Saturday a month for about 30 months, which will allow them to continue their careers. Classes are taught at St. Rose Dominican Hospital’s education facility at 1776 E. Warm Springs Road in Las Vegas.

The curriculum uses the Roseman University’s model of teaching one block/course at a time. Throughout the program, lectures, discussions, projects and cases will examine different facets of health care. Roseman University’s MBA program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

For information about the Roseman University MBA for health care professionals, please call 702-968-1661 or email mba@roseman.edu.

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