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St. Rose Celebrates its Employees

St. Rose Dominican Hospitals annually celebrates and awards its long-term employees for years of service as well as the employees who have shown exceptional dedication and accomplishments. This year, nearly 450 employees celebrated from five to 30 years of service to St. Rose Dominican Hospitals, and twelve employees received awards for outstanding work:

3 employees celebrated 30 years of service 

1 employees celebrated 25 years of service 

7 employees celebrated 20 years of service 

18 employees celebrated 15 years of service 

218 employees celebrated 10 years of service 

199 employees celebrated 5 years of service

“Our employees are our most important resource,” said Rod Davis, president/CEO of St. Rose Dominican Hospitals. “St. Rose has provided high quality, compassionate care in the Las Vegas valley for more than 60 years. This wouldn’t have been possible without an extraordinary commitment from – and to – our nearly 3,300 employees. The fact that we have more than 400 employees who celebrated anniversary milestones with us in 2010 confirms that the St. Rose hospital system truly appreciates its employees.”

In addition to recognizing employees for length of service, annual awards were presented as follows:

Rose de Lima Campus:

Employee of the Year – Elsa Gonzales 

Nurse of the Year – Sheryl Grieder 

Leader of the Year – Terry Miles 

Values in Action – Rony Cortez

Siena Campus:

Employee of the Year – Debra Hunt 

Nurse of the Year – Marie Cookson 

Leader of the Year – Mario Monte 

Values in Action – John Siciliano

San Martín Campus:

Employee of the Year – Carolyn Hamilton 

Nurse of the Year – Lisette Vazquez 

Leader of the Year – Kim Dokken 

Values in Action – Elizabeth Gonzales

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