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St. Rose Dominican Hospitals Using Donor Breast Milk

Every day, St. Rose employees move mountains to improve patient care and make St. Rose Dominican Hospitals the premier hospital system in southern Nevada. One thing that sets us apart is our willingness to think outside of the box and look beyond how things are traditionally done.

A recent example of this stemmed from a family whose baby was in the St. Rose -Siena Campus NICU. The family wanted their baby to receive breast milk, even though the mother was unable to provide the milk herself. The family asked us to explore finding donor breast milk to give to the baby. The easy thing to do would be to say it can’t be done, there are no policies or procedures in place and there are no milk banks in the state. But one thing is certain about St. Rose employees — give them a challenge and they can make it happen.

Within a matter of days, a working group that included Scott Rolfe, NICU Nurse Manager; Suzie Owens, lactation consultant; Peggy Cullum, Policy and Procedure Manager, as well as our physician partners and many others worked to change our policies and procedures. As a result of their fast, tireless efforts, St. Rose Dominican Hospitals is the first hospital in the Las Vegas valley to provide donor milk to a baby. The milk comes from a milk bank in San Jose, California, and is screened, processed and pasteurized. This baby will benefit, as will future patients.

This is just one example of the amazing, collaborative work that happens in our hospitals every day.

The hospital received some very nice coverage as a result of this new procedure. You can find that coverage at these links:

Ch. 13, KTNV TV, www.ktnv.com/category/164911/ktnv-video. Once you get to the video archive page, you will have to scroll through the videos to find the one on St. Rose Donor Breast Milk.

And a story published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal can be found here: http://www.lvrj.com/news/breast-milk-donated-in-california-helps-premature-baby-in-lv-116642838.html#comments

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