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WomensCare Magazine Fall 2010 Now Out!

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Have you seen our latest issue of WomensCare Magazine? We hope so!

The latest issue is packed with information from how to recognize and respond to a stroke, to managing chronic disease. And of course the issue has the latest listing of our upcoming and popular classes.

Make sure to grab your copy today at any of our hospital campuses or WomensCare Centers. Need more than one? Send us a message and let us know – we will get them to you!


The Harrah’s Foundation Grants St. Rose Dominican Hospitals $126,200

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

  Funds for suport of Hispanic Communication and Outreach Efforts

The Harrah’s Foundation granted $126,200 to St. Rose Dominican Hospitals to provide health information to the Hispanic community through a variety of outreach initiatives.

This gift is the fourth donation in five years by the Harrah’s Foundation to St. Rose in support of the St. Rose/Harrah’s Hispanic Communication and Outreach Initiative, which includes providing health information and education services to the Hispanic community via programs and outreach at various community health fairs.

“The Harrah’s Foundation has been instrumental in helping us reach our Spanish-speaking residents to better address their health care needs for four years,” said Rod Davis, president, St. Rose Dominican Hospitals. “Clark County’s Hispanic population is greater than 27 percent, so this important gift will help continue to break down cultural and language barriers that often prevent those needing medical treatment from seeking it.”

A portion of this year’s grant will fund a fourth edition of the Spanish language WomensCare magazine, providing articles on topics of particular concern to the Hispanic population such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension, in addition to healthcare articles specific to women’s and children’s issues. Funds from Harrah’s Foundation grants since 2006 enabled St. Rose to create three Spanish language versions of the St. Rose WomensCare magazine. Funds also support outreach to Spanish-speaking communities via mass media outlets.

Funds from this year’s grant will support continued efforts to further reduce language barriers related to health care through the employment of a Spanish speaking educator at St. Rose who assists with referrals, medical screenings, educational opportunities, bilingual resource materials and translation services. In 2009, the Spanish speaking educator served nearly 1,400 Hispanic community members through health fairs and outreach events.

“The Harrah’s Foundation is a leader in the world of philanthropy. St. Rose applauds them for choosing to help diverse and disadvantaged groups – a commitment consistent with the mission of St. Rose,” said Charles Guida, president, St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation. “On behalf of the families who have benefited from Harrah’s philanthropic support over the past several years, we express our sincere gratitude.”

“We are proud to continue supporting St. Rose in its efforts to reach the Spanish speaking population, and we hope this gift allows them to assist many others in the Hispanic community,” stated Thom Reilly, executive director of The Harrah’s Foundation.

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