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Rose de Lima Campus Recognized by Avatar International

The Rose de Lima Campus of St. Rose Dominican Hospitals has been recognized by Avatar International, an industry leader in healthcare quality improvement services, as one of its most innovative hospital partners in 2010, based on 2009 performance. The award acknowledges quality improvement initiatives that were demonstrably effective, measurable and novel.

“The staff at Rose de Lima has done an exceptional job of improving patient experiences by implementing innovative practices,” said Val Baciarelli, president of St. Rose Dominican Hospitals – Rose de Lima Campus. “Receiving the Gold Innovation Award from a research company of Avatar International’s caliber is incredibly rewarding.”

Award recipients were selected based on a panel of independently scored criteria that included degree of actual improvement, scope of change, degree of innovation, ability to spread ideas externally and nature of barriers they had to overcome.

At St. Rose, one initiative, called “Express Care,” focused on decreasing wait times in the emergency room. Express Care involved having the physician evaluate the patient in the triage area to determine what tests needed to be done and if the patient needed a bed (patients do not need beds approximately 40 percent of the time). If no bed is needed, the patient waits in a waiting area until the tests are completed. The patient is then brought back into the ED to be given test results and discharged. By taking this approach, patients are seen by a physician within 30 minutes of their arrival with a significant number being seen and discharged in under an hour.

David Medvedeff, PharmD, MBA, CEO of Avatar said, “In today’s uncertain economy, innovation is more important than ever. Innovative new processes and ways of thinking are one of the most effective ways to help a facility prosper and achieve its goals. Such creativity and ingenuity has been demonstrated by St. Rose Dominican Hospitals – Rose de Lima Campus as a winner of Avatar’s Innovation Award. Congratulations to St. Rose – I applaud your success and thank you for sharing your innovation efforts.”


Patient Safety

The Las Vegas Sun ran a story Sunday, June 27, about patient occurrences in Las Vegas hospitals, referred to as adverse and sentinel events. Unfortunately, this article did not accurately represent the facts. St. Rose and other Las Vegas area hospitals are committed to providing the highest quality of care and keeping …our patients safe. To get the facts, visit:

Job openings

Did you know you can view job openings on our facebook page and on our twitter feed, as well as on our St. Rose Dominican Hospitals website? Visit our website if you are interested in this job and to submit your application. Good luck!

This week’s hot job:

Job Summary:
NEVADA SERVICE AREA (St. Rose Dominican Hospitals, Parkway Surgery Center, Durango Surgery Center, CHW Nevada Imaging Centers, Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center, Home Health & Hospice Services (North & South), Reference Lab Services)
This position is responsible for management and oversight of all managed care activities for the CHW Nevada Service Area specific to ancillary contracting, service line expansion, and new business development. This includes the planning and coordination of negotiations, renegotiations, analysis, maintenance and implementation of all managed care agreements with current and prospective purchasers and providers of healthcare services (e.g.: health maintenance organizations (HMO’s), preferred provider organizations (PPO’s), exclusive provider organizations (EPO’s), governmental agencies, and medical groups on behalf of CHW ancillary entities and hospitals. This position is also responsible for coordination and communication between managed care and those CHW ancillary entities.

Patients are Amazing

Today I met with a patient who has been through amazing odds in just the past couple months! First a TIA (a type of stroke) and more recently a surgery – she was cared for both times at St. Rose Hospitals.

To sit with her and her husband and hear their stories, was just inspirational. I am glad they were able to find comfort and healing at St. Rose.

Zappos Tour

Yesterday, some staff members from Communications toured the world headquarters of What an experience! From the friendly reception to the decorations throughout (although, we couldn’t help but wonder about fire hazards) it is a work environment that people obviously love to work in!

Probably the biggest take away was that people’s ideas are valued, people are empowered in their own decision making and they encourage fun!

While healthcare and online marketing are two very different areas, I think that St. Rose embodies several of the Zappos ideals – employee’s ideas and suggestions are valued. Everyone – from employees to customers/ patients are given the dignity they deserve. Employees are recognized for their ideas. Collaboration is celebrated and encouraged. Excellence is expected at every level.

Now if we can just get our conference rooms painted like the ones at Zappos!

Hello world!

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June 22, 2010 1 comment

Dragon Boat racing at Lake Las Vegas

Are you highly motivated – seeking adventure and want to invest in the community to make it a better place?

Then you should join us for the second annual Rose Regatta at Lake Las Vegas!

Join a team or organize a team and race your way to raising funds for St. Rose Dominican Hospitals and the Barbara Greenspun WomensCare Centers of Excellence breast health services, including medicla care and psychosocial cancer. If you can race in the Rose Regatta, consider volunteering, sponsoring or making a monetary or in-kind donation.

Visit for a full line up of events and how you can register for a team.

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